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Sporting Goods and Laser Tag

Lake Shelbyville Rentals offers a great getaway experience for all who are seeking for relaxation and vacation. Aside from our amenities in the area, we also have other surrounding establishments to visit to make your stay worth it.
If you are looking for some family fun like playing laser tag, Craig’s Sporting Goods & Family Fun Center is one of our highly recommended places. Read on as we give you more information and more reason for you to stay in this cool place while you’re around.


Craig’s Sporting Goods & Family Fun Center is located at 105 E Main St. It is open from 9:00am to 6:00pm from Tuesday to Saturday.

About the Place
Craig’s Sporting Goods & Family Fun Center is probably your all-in-one shop for your camping, sport, and fun needs. The sell camping equipment (which is ideal for those who are camping out with us) and is to a lot of sport and fun attractions that you and your family can enjoy.
If you’re looking for a place to have a shave or cut your hair, Craig’s has a barbershop. Quiet convenient, right? They sell at types of sport and camping equipment you’ll ever need to make sure your vacation experience is a memorable one. If you’re looking for some suitable apparel to blend in the locals, they have it available too!

Laser Tag

Laser tag is a recreational shooting sport where you use infrared-emitting laser guns to “tag” targets. Infrared-sensitive signaling devices are commonly worn by each person to register hits and are sometimes integrated within an area in which the game is played. Laser tag is a fun family game where you can bond, laugh, and run as trying your best not to get hit by the laser lights.

Bike Rentals

Craig’s also offers bike rentals for those who want to stroll around and explore the area by bike. They offer different kinds of bikes for all ages, including safety equipment.

 Get Great Fishing Gear at Craig’s

If you’re aiming to get the best fish but you’re short on equipment, Craig’s a has wide range of fishing equipment perfect for both the beginners and professionals. Catch great fish by getting the best bait that is also available for sale in the shop.

All Day Fun

Craigs is one of the best places to have pure sporty fun. It is just within the Shelbyville area, and they are happy enough to serve you. Visit them today, have fun, and enjoy your vacation!